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The Awakening

The Awakening

have fun spending time with the family

Hi, welcome to my blog. Thank you for stopping by my shop and spend some time reading this.


Let me share about my life here. I've been working and studying in Singapore since 2008. Originally, I'm from Indonesia. I've been in Singapore from single till now become a mother of two. I've been enjoying working in Oil and Gas industry, it is a very dynamic and fast pace job.


During motherhood, I start to ponder about my family life. Especially after I have my kids. I have been juggling to balance between working and family time. But as you might know, it is tough. there's no such thing as perfect balance. As a result, my first child has speech delays and the second was premature. I'm focusing too much on giving the best learning environment and pursuing my own career. I neglected the most important essence of the family.


To be honest, most of the time I always feel exhausted when I go back home. I feel like I don't have any more energy to play with them. Often times, I just open the TV and play cartoon movies while having dinner. I let them to be entertained by the TV. I am too tired to read story or sing a song with them. I say to myself, I have my excuse, but My conscience keep reminding me that this is not right ...


As they grow, my children requires more attention and family time. I have consulted many child development specialists looking for answers and found my conclusion that there is no short-cut in nurturing children. And the best person to identify and help your own children is the parents itself. We can seek specialist help and advises but we cannot rely 100% to them to change your own children. As parents we need to equip ourselves to support our children.


So, I started to explore other opportunity and one fine day in 2018, I attended one of All Gifted Seminar conducted by Prof Pamela Lim about "Setting the Foundation Right". It was enlightening me about how important childhood development is and I need to seize the moment. Through that seminar, I was introduced and joined another seminar about Web 3.0 Entrepreneurship. And now, here I am. Starting Toydler as the result.


I believe that most of us, busy parents, are struggling to find and/or to create the perfect family time. And most of the time, we let gadgets to do the hard work for us. So, I am on the venture to create engaging and fun family time. I also finds out that the eco-friendly toys is useful for early childhood development. You can read "Why Play" for more detail.


I am thrilled and hoping you and your family will have better family moments.


Thanks for your support,