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A nice curvy board that intriguing our mind. We did some googling and amazed how this toy is simply but lots fun way playing it. We bought our first board and show it to our eldest (3yo back then) and immediately he step on it and try to wobble it. Without any proper introduction!

The board of Wobbel is made from beech wood sourced from European FSC certified plantation so the replanting is guaranteed. It is made in Netherland, Europe. There are 3 types of FELT material used :

  1. EKO Wool Felt which made from the best available natural felt and using natural colours. It is mainly used in Wobbel Original. It is for the natural enthusiasm.
  2. Recycle PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)  Felt which this material found in our plastic bottles.  It is using recycled soft drink bottles, between 10 and 20 PET bottles per Wobbel. That makes the board more suitable for intensive use, less woolly and lower cost. You can find this type of felt on PRO board. 
  3. Cork Felt is meant for those who preferred natural material but non-woolly version.  The cork version is suited for children of 3 years and older. Cork is made from the bark of tree so the felt will be rougher and not able to do sliding. (To understand more please refer to Wobbel FAQ)

Regardless the felt material, they are all great to protect your board and reduce the noise level. 
*Do note that the main board body are the same between Original and PRO version. 

At this moment we only able to bring Original and PRO board to Singapore. The board size is approx. 90cm length with 30 cm height (curvy). Each board weighted approx. 4.5 Kg and can sustained up to 200Kg. 

It was a great pleasure we met with Hannelore at International Toys Fair, Nuremberg in 2020.  She is a passionate and full positive person. Just like Wobble boards that tempts mind, body and soul.

We love this,  since it is simple yet unique. It is a perfect toy for open-ended play. You can use it as a slide, do balancing, seesaw, yoga equipment, rocking chair, or laying the flexible road track. It can be anything and it can be used by all ages. But based on our personal experience, recommended adult supervision for 18mo & below because it is a movable board.  It is not an ordinary curvy board. It’s truly a great investment for our family.

Don't worry, just Wobbel it!

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