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Who doesn't love a loose parts such as beads, seeds, logs, or even Grapat/Grimms? We know how messy will be the loose part and we need to organize it back into their own box? 
Based on a mother own experience, she was difficult to find the storage to store all the Loose Parts. Using the sorting board, it makes her easier to collect, calculate & make sure nothing loose parts missing. Besides that, with sorting board, loose parts can be stored in more appealing so it can create more ‘invitation to play’ for the kids. Your kids’ playroom also can be neater & looks beautiful because no messy loose parts.

Mukids products are handcrafted in Bali, Indonesia. Mukids uses premium quality of wood from Indonesia. The products are made from solid Sungkai & solid Mindi wood, that has a beautiful wood grain & durable. Each of Mukids product are also designed and beveled with round edges and painted with water-based color (if any), so it is very safe for little one.  

Do note that due to type of the wood used, you will find different colour/shade and more wood grains. 


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