About - It start from the Family

Welcome to Toydler!

Hello! Thank you for stopping by at our webstore. We are a family run business who love to source world best toys, especially handmade wooden toys, that are providing endless plays during early childhood development. We select the open-ended toys carefully and ensure it is all use safe materials.

As you can see we are focusing our toys collection into several collections such as active and building where inspired by our eldest son (4yo) and pretend collection is inspired by our little princess (2yo). Each collection has unique benefit of playing and enhancement on the skills.

As our logo, we choose horse symbol as our focus more on the premium hand-made wooden toys which is medieval and graceful. We try as much as possible to provide not only sustainable toys but also the packaging or branding itself. We tried to reduce as much as possible of plastic usage. All our invoices are paperless, so you will only receive the softcopy. The stickers and tape used are specially printed with soy-ink. We are also supporting small businesses to contribute in our branding products, logistics, and etc. 

Most of our collection is using organic wood and handmade. As result, you might find the beauty of wooden marks as sign of living things. You will find the authenticity of your own toys and uniqueness that incomparable. Each toy is uniquely for you. Because we believe each child is different and unique. They need a better play environment  and an opportunity to explore their imagination.

Let's nurture our children together and explore more on the open-ended toys and the uniqueness of wooden grains!


Thank you for supporting our small business!