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Sarah's Silk

A child's imagination is limitless, and Playsilks from Sarah's Silks tap directly into their incredible creative potential. Playsilks are simple silk toys, costumes and dress up clothing in a variety of beautiful colors, designed to encourage children to turn the cloth into a cape, a sea to sail a boat on or to stage curtains for a puppet show. And, of course, parents can join in the fun, too! Play a game of peek-a-boo, build a fort and show your child the joy of creating their own stories and worlds for endless exploration. 
All of Sarah's Silk toys are certified safety tested to CPSIA and CE standards.

The Playsilks are hand washable. Hang dry and iron on medium to restore their shine.
We are working toward zero waste packaging!  Don't be surprised if your silks arrive wrapped in recycled brown paper.

All the silks are designed in USA. 

Maintenance: How to Wash 

Final Packaging, Sarah silk is a green company hence majority of the product doesn't come with any plastic wrapper. Sorry, we cannot accept any exchange for mishandling when opening the wrapper. 


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