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Wood Grains

Hello, this might be a sensitive topic to be opened up. But we would like to share what we have learnt from the makers. We do hope that this sharing will give you  better understanding and grow our loves on the wooden toys.

Wooden toys are always one of a kind, carrying unique marks by nature. Wood grain has changing structures and colours which serve as proof of its natural origins. The unique variations are proof of quality not defects. Most of the products that we are promoting are handmade wooden toys. they are made by expert with many-many years/decade of experience. Their toys have been passed down from generation to generation from one continent to another. It proofs how versatile their design and quality is.
It is an honour that we can meet most of the makers during Toys International Fair @ Nuremberg in 2020. We learnt more about the beauty of wood that’s awe us!
Below photos are what we have received from our customers. It shows how different each toys are. This is only for visualization and sharing. P.S. It is not only for Grimm’s product but it meant for all handmade wooden toys.


Most makers choose not to mechanize the process, they choose conventional way. They cut wooden pieces by human, sanded by hands, plus dipped & sponged by hands during painting.
Grains & Characters commonly found in every single piece of the woods and it is a sign of living. Let’s discover these wooden grains:
• Wood Markings (black stains/stripes)
• Visible Lines
• Hairlines
• Colour Variances (natural wood & paint absorbance)
• Colour transfer (smudge due to water-based colours nature)
• Small knotty holes
• Uneven finishes
• Visible wood grain
• Variance in wood texture
• Rough finishes
• Weight variance
• Not symmetrical
• Only stacks one way
• Variances in thickness
• Dried due to change of temperature
• Warp on bigger surface board due to change on climate (leave it at room temperature and it will return back)

In addition, for the figurines, it is all drawn by human and expects some differences on the face features and brush strokes. There is no two product that is the same.

All characteristics mentioned above do not affect on the play value of the toys. We hope that you find this brief information useful.
Feel free to clarify with us if you have any more questions, by sending an email to hello@toydler.com.

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