Papoose toys have a stunning range of soft felt toys which inspired by natural wood. So you might find lot of sign of living. Do expect some variations in colors, branch shape, grains, and wood characteristic. Appreciate if you can appreciate it. Their tree are really authentic and realistic. It is a great addition for Small World Playing.  
They are expanding their collection to wooden with gems, please stay tuned as they will be arrived in January 2021.

All their  final product is handmade in Australia.  Raw material sources such as the felt, gems, and wooden branches are sources worldwide from the reliable sources. 

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Strawberry House and Mat - Toydler
Fairy House and Mat - Toydler
Oak Leaf House and Mat - Toydler
Gnome Family - Toydler
Mini Fire - Toydler
Wood Railing - Toydler
Washing Line Set - Toydler
African Trees Coloured - Toydler
Toadstool (set of 2) - Toydler
Toadstool Trunk - Toydler
Woodland Tree Summer - Toydler
Woodland Tree Autumn - Toydler
Earth Autumn Trees (Set of 3) - Toydler
Earth Spring Trees (Set of 3) - Toydler
Spring Trees (Set of 3) - Toydler
Autumn Trees (Set of 3) - Toydler
Woodland Shelter - Toydler
Bug Hotel - Toydler
Papoose Tamarind Sorting Bowl - Toydler
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