Reviewing Physical Goods 

Sorry at this moment we are basing at webstore and not able to provide a physical goods review request.  Each product details and photo has been indicated in our webpage. Shall you have any query, please do not hesitate to contact us via webchat/IG/email.


We are abide with Singapore regulation hence every product is subject to Singapore GST. Not to worry the unit price is included already. You won’t pay extra pennies for that.

Tote Bag 

It is a complimentary and while stock last. It is meant for min order S$50.

Wobbel Board 


We don’t provide individual box for the Woobel board as factory ship to us in the consolidation method. We will wrap with bubble wrap and plastic wrap to ensure the safety of your board during shipment. Hence we highly recommend to purchase and do local shipment only for Wobbel board.  Every board will have record of photo and/or videos before shipment. You may request the file if needed.​


Woolly – Yes, it is normal for first time using a new Wobbel board. You just need to use is it frequently. You may use lint removal to smoothen it. For PRO, you might feel the felt is thinner as the making process is different. Hence if you place other item on it, you might find a mark but the felt is perfectly fine.


Cleaning - It is advised to clean the Wobbel with a damp cloth, combine with a mild detergent if necessary. Do not brush the felt too much, because that might damage it. Do not iron the felt. The Wobbel board doesn’t need any special maintenance.


Change Felt – Felt colour must be decided upon order placement and no change of colours is allowed once order accepted. Factory is no recommended for customer to modify, remove, and replace the felt by their own. It is at customer risk.


Majority of our products are handmade item with wood materials. Hence wood grains, wood smells, and different wood colours are perfectly normal. Do not ever soak any of wooden toys into water as it may change the wooden texture/characteristics. Toy should not be sprayed with any anti-bacterial sprays or detergents. Never use household cleaning products on the toys as their chemical substance can be easily absorbed.

For certain natural product like #FromJennifer, you might want to make them a new coat and shiny again. You might want to apply natural oil recommended by maker.



Due to high humidity of Singapore weather, highly recommend storing any of wooden toys at room temperature and do not face the sun shine directly.


We are natural toys shop, hence we are in favor of paperless invoices. If you require a hardcopy. Please mentioned it in the note when carting out.


Every order purchased from Toydler is subject to Toydler’s T&C as follow:


Wood Characteristic 

Wood Scent 

The moment you open up the box you might smell a fresh wood scent. It's smell 100% natural woods. Rest assure there are not treated with any chemicals, oils, or waxes. They are tested and certified toys which met safety requirement for young children.  You may put them in the fresh air and let them breath to reduce the wood scents. 

Wood Grains

It refers to the alignment, texture, and appearance of wood fibres. It is a unique tracks that completely natural in woods. So it is completely normal if you found some stains, traces, holes, and uneven wood colour. Because each trees grow uniquely and all wooden toys provided are basically handmade.

Grimms Wooden Toys

“Grimm's toys are always one of a kind, carrying unique marks made by nature. Wood grain has changing structures and colours which serve as proof of its natural origin.”

Frequent questions received:

If I my Grimm’s is normal?

What is normal and what is not normal in Grimm's?

Grimm's choose not to mechanize the process, they choose traditional way. They cut wooden pieces by human eye, sanded by hands, plus dipped & sponged by hands during painting.


  • Wood Markings (black stains/stripes)

  • Visible Lines

  • Colour Variances

  • Colour transfer

  • Small knotty holes

  • Uneven finishes

  • Visible wood grain

  • Variance in wood texture

  • Rough finishes

  • Weight variance

  • Not symmetrical

  • Only stacks one way

  • Variances in thickness


Not Normal:

  • Wood Cracks

  • Wood Chips

  • Splinter


Rest assure there are multiple times products checking from production till distributor hub and we recheck again before shipment. If you still have doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us. Apology that we won't do any refund/exchange for Normal category.


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Hope you find this info useful & understand Grimm’s more 😊