Magic Wood

One our bucket list to share this beautiful handmade wooden toys in Singapore. This is truly another level of wood lover product. You can clearly see the natural wood characteristics and barks. We can say their product is truly a genius product and an engineered toys. The toys made from selected trees like alder, hazel, white beech, and pine. It is coated with linseed oil. 

All products are made in Poland.  It is truly a "magic" for your kids!  

Please note ETA - is the estimated time arrival where the maker is in the process of making it. If we stated Pre-Order meaning we are gathering the interest to place the order to factory. Hence grab the opportunity to secure the "ETA" stocks now. 
Suggested not to combine stock  and incoming stock items. Otherwise we will combine the shipment based on the last arrival items. 

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[Pre-Order Oct] Small Tree House - Toydler
[Pre-Order Oct] Buildable Large Tree House - Toydler
[Pre-Order Oct] Furniture Bedroom - Toydler
[Pre-Order Oct] Furniture Kitchen - Toydler
Eco Blocks - Toydler
[Pre-Order Oct] Furniture Living Room - Toydler
[Pre-Order Oct] Magic Wood Boat & Dock - Toydler
[Pre-Order Oct] Magic Wood Shire Home - Furniture - Toydler
[Pre-Order Oct] Magic Wood Shire Home - Toydler