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Falling In Love More with Magic Wood

Falling In Love More with Magic Wood

Have you seen a marble run tree? We had a chance to visit the manufacturer, which in Magic Wood, in Toys fair early this year and learn more about the Marble tree. About 20 years ago Magic Wood sought and discovered a talented designer and bought design of the Marble Sound Tree or it's called Klangbaum (Klangbaum = sound tree). They believed this will become a great enhancement on children play and sensory. They took a giant leap to invest and manifest to bring this design to come true. And it is proven. Many people know and love this toy. Have you seen a huge advertisement about Magic Wood? Have you ever seen their promotion on website and Instagram?

Magic Wood Marble Run Tree Klangbaum

We are still amazed on how the company works and think more for the customer. it is truly proven from one family to another family that Marble Sound Tree that they believed are proven. From small dream in Poland now spread to entire Europe, crossed the continents, and now in Singapore.

Marble Tree Run Magic Wood Marble Tree Run Top View - Magic Wood
courtesy of @wander.mi.trio

As the business grow, unfortunately there is a dispute and you might find another brand came up in the market.

Among the collections that we have, we love more on handmade toys, not only the toys are made by hand and have better quality (or natural quality), but also the process is fascinating. Magic wood is one of the company that works with home worker in manufacturing the toys. Parts by parts are distributed to different families/small workshops and from there they built the toys from scratch and finally assembled and tested in the main workshop. It is amazing how even as the technology has advanced, Magic wood allow home worker to participate in the process. Almost all traditional Europe toys makers are still preserve this process of manufacturing their toys. Why? By doing these they can support more families and build up the local economy. They empowered housewives, family members, and people who struggling work in normal working environment. Further the companies spread their hope and dream on making good toys to them. Each toys made by hand of love.
We might have get used to live in the instant era where everything ready in a blink of eye and everything is standardize. But the process and growing a dream take times.


What's the difference between the Magic Wood and Gruenspecht Marble Tree?

Marble Tree Run Magic wood and Gruenspecht
photo credit to Oskarswoodenark

This photo shows a comparison between the Magic Wood Marble Sounding Tree Large (left side) and the Gruenspecht Rainbow Musical Marble Sound Tree Large. 
From the review of both products, Proven Magic Wood has the best sound/music.

Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen. - Wayne Huizenga

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