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Hillside Cherry Picking

Hillside Cherry Picking

Location: 1209 The Escort Way, Borenore NSW 2800, Australia (it’s about 2-3 hour drive from Sydney)

Website: https://www.hillsideharvest.com.au/

Open Hours: Weekdays: 8am-5pm

Weekend: 9am-4pm

Entrance Fee: Free and Pay as what you pick

Seasons: Check their website and other social media

Recommended Children Age: 3+ with adult supervision

Stroller Friendly: moderate

It's good for :

Family short gateway. It's a fun way to learn about fruits. When we went there in December, it was cherries season. My boy (3yo) learned how to eat cherries for the first time and he loves it. He was having fun wondering around the cherries trees, picking the cherries, and eating it right away. It is so fresh and juicy! The view along the way to the Hillside is very breath-taking. You can open the car's window to enjoy the breeze. We spent about 2-3 hours there.


They only have a small cafe and it will take about 30 minutes drive to the near city to enjoy some meals. Strongly suggested to pack some foods and drinks for their snacking. Of course, don't forget to bring some eco-friendly toys to entertain your child. Do apply sunscreen and bring jacket.