Note: This is pre-order item. Appreciate for your patience since it is a handmade item and Grimm's is currently running in their maximum capacity. ETA: approx. August/September 2020. If you wish to order certain products of Grimm's Wooden Toys but is not listed on our website, please DM us.  

51 results
Large Stepped Pyramid
Rainbow Bridge Nature
6 Wooden Balls
Rainbow Bridge
Rainbow Mosaic
12 Rainbow Friends
Building Set Sloping Blocks
Colorful house
Large Pastel Rainbow - 12 Pieces
1001 Nights Building Set
Small Rainbow Balls 12 pieces
Romanesque Building Set
Wooden Pastel Balls
Medium Rainbow 6 pieces
Building Set Cornerstones
Leonardo Sticks
Pastel Beads Grasper
Shapes and colors
60 Wooden Beads
Building rings rainbow
Horse Holly
Small Four Elements
Rainbow building boards
51 results