Let Them Play Toys

An eco - handmade wooden toys made by Australian couple, Julie & Steve.  They believe open-ended and natural resources are beautiful way to inspire each child individually and more connected kids with nature, the more they will be aware and want to look after it! Let's spread the love of nature. 

Due note that all sticks and woods have either been hand collected, recycled or sustainably sourced. So you will find beautiful wood grains on it. Hence the woods and stick you will find is lighter. 

Created by Nature. Crafted by Hand. Made for Play. 

P.S. The kit contains small parts which can be a choking hazard. Parental supervision is required at all times.

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better" - Albert Einstein. 

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StoryScene - Underwater Set - Toydler
StoryScene - Arctic Set - Toydler
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StoryScene - Moon Phase Set - Toydler
StoryScene - Dino Set - Toydler
StoryScene - Fairy House Set - Toydler
StoryScene - Beehive Set - Toydler
StoryScene - Farm Set - Toydler
Log Hammer with Wooden Nails - Toydler
Log Hammer *only* - Toydler
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Giant Log Buttons set - Toydler
Play Dough Kit - Toydler
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Log Stampers - INSECTS - Toydler
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The Tree Creatures - set of 4 - Toydler
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The Diverse Tree People - Family of 4 - Toydler
The Tree People - Earth Natural - Toydler
The Tree People - Earth Rainbow - Family of 6 - Toydler
The MINI Tree People - Rainbow - Toydler
The Tree People - Rainbow - Family of 12 - Toydler
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The Tree People -Individual - Toydler
StoryScene - Stand Small - Toydler
StoryScene - Stand Medium - Toydler
StoryScene - Stand Large - Toydler
StoryScene - Triple Stand Large - Toydler
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StoryScene - Mini Mushroom - Toydler
50 results