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Our first encounter with Grapat is after seeing photoes in social media about #grimmswoodentoys. First impression is this small pieces are amazing and lots of application in playing and education. Really in love in mandalas as we loves colours, flowers, and details! But, we keep holding back as our daughther still mouthing a lot of things that time. So now we are confidence to welcome Grapat into our family. Our daughther is now more than ready to make a mess (read "play") with loose parts. 

We met with Jordi during International Toys Fair at Nuremberg 2020. Felt in love with their booth design and it is trully artistic and the heart core of Grapat! All of us knew very well that Grapat is inspried by 3 years grils/dautgher of Casiana and Jordi. All their products are handmade and handpainted in Pyrenean mountains, Spain. All their packing is no plastic at all!  Since this is handmade product, due take note on the wooden grains and charactheristics. 

If you have inquiries about other Grapat products, please don't hesitate to email us as at this moment we want to focus more on the loose parts as enhancement of our toys collection. Thanks!
We're excited to offer you the beautifully crafted toys from Grapat and Grimms, made with natural wood and carefully crafted by skilled woodworkers. Please note that due to the natural materials used in these toys, you may notice unique wood grains or variations in the colors of the wood. These variations are part of what makes each toy so special and unique. We believe in the beauty of natural materials and we hope you and your little ones will appreciate the unique qualities of these handcrafted toys. Thank you for choosing to shop with us and supporting our mission of bringing high-quality, natural toys to your home.


[Wild] GRAPAT Wild
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