A double-side flexible toy road.  This describes the product completely.  We had great opportunity to meet Sybren (see his thumb below =p), the creator, together with Lex and Marise during International Toys Fair, Nuremberg 2020. They are simple people with simple product but stunning result! Honestly, Toydler embarked the open-ended toys journey from Waytoplay.  

Waytoplay is designed in Netherland  and produced in Germany, Europe. The road tracks are made of 100% child safe and durable PVC. They conform to the highest USA and European EN-71 norm for toys.

It is a never ended adventure of open-ended toys once you start with Waytoplay. It is a door opener/gateway. Since it is flexible and durable, you can play it on any surface such marble floor, bathroom tiles (vertically), bumpy roads, sand on the beach, or even on the snow for the country has that privilege.  Once children discover that they themselves are free to create their own game, their imagination blossoms. They can make any maps and layover it on anything.

People mostly asked us, so which set we should buy? Well, as a start you can try with the starter kit - collaboration with Candylab where you got the road and cars in one set or buy Highway set (24pcs tracks). But definitely more track is more fun, so King of Road (40pcs) is a great value deal!

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Ring Road (12 Pieces) - Toydler
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Expressway (16 Pieces) - Toydler
Highway (24 Pieces) - Toydler
Grand Prix (24 Race Tracks) - Toydler
King of the Road (40 Pieces) - Toydler
Back and Forth Car - Woody - Toydler
Waytoplay X Candylab CITY BLOCK - Toydler
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Waytoplay X Candylab OPEN ROAD - Toydler
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Waytoplay X Candylab SPEEDWAY - Toydler
Road to Recovery - Toydler