Grimm’s Spiel & Holz Design is started in 1978 from a family company who started to manufacture and sell handmade wooden toys.  Their design is simple and non-lacquer so very safe for younger kids who tend to put into mouth. There is in depth thought of children in every piece of their toys. It is a great investment of wooden toys and suitable for all ages and it can be played over and over again. 

 We love this,  since Grimm’s is truly a piece of art and love in children’s wooden toys. It is uniquely design for all of you (children + adults). It is a must have item for open-ended wooden toys fan.  Their niche is “Made from Nature”, you can find the natural feeling of all their products. They keep the original wood characteristic as it is, that’s what makes a Grimm’s so special.

Appreciate if you can read our post about Wood Grains before purchased.

We are honored to meet Grimm's team during International Toys Fair, Nuremberg 2020. We can fell how passionate are they for their product and how they themselves enjoy to play with it. Natural product is their main constrained and they really proud with the beauty of "sign of living" which you can find in their product. Read our discussion with them in our IG post. 


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- Batch#2: November 2020 
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Rainbow Friends in 7 Bowls - Toydler
GRIMM'S First Thread Game - Toydler
Grimm's Large Wagon Red - Toydler
Grimm's Large Rainbow 12 pieces - Toydler
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Rainbow Semicircle - Toydler
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[INDIVIDUAL] Small Land Yachts with 4 Sailors - Toydler
[Incoming September] Building rings rainbow - Toydler
[Incoming September] Building game weather - Toydler
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[Incoming September] Large Stepped Pyramid - Toydler
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[Incoming September] Rainbow Bridge Nature - Toydler
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[Incoming September] Rainbow Bridge - Toydler
[Incoming September] 6 Wooden Balls - Toydler
[Incoming September] 12 Rainbow Friends - Toydler
[Incoming September] Large Pastel Rainbow - 12 Pieces - Toydler
[Incoming September] Building Set Sloping Blocks - Toydler
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[Incoming September] Building Set Cornerstones - Toydler
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[Incoming September] Colorful house - Toydler
[Incoming September] Wooden Pastel Balls - Toydler
[Incoming September] Medium Rainbow 6 pieces - Toydler
[Incoming September] Small Rainbow Balls 12 pieces - Toydler
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[Incoming September] Shapes and colors - Toydler
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[Incoming September] Small Four Elements - Toydler
[Incoming September] Small Pastel Balls 12 pieces - Toydler
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[Incoming September] Houses - Toydler
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42 results