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Peppa Pig Vocabulary Uptake

My boy shown the symptom of language development delays. When he's joining kindergarten (2.5 yo). His peers are able to form short sentences (make a phrase), while he was still using single words and combines with body language. He's expressing himself with broken words arranged into sentence and we completely has difficulty to catch his meaning.


A friend of my introduced a blog about the Peppa Pig impact. Peppa series consist of very clear word and easy to be picked up by my son. The most favourite words that he can expressed it clearly is "jumping on muddy puddle". It is a pretty long sentence for him. Due to non-stopping watching the series, there is side effect where my boy was mimicking the pig sound "oink oink". Whenever he met a friend, he will greet them with "oink" sound. It is quite embarrassing for us though. That's the negative effect overly watching.


What I can learn from this TV program is :

Pronounce Clear Sound

It's a self reflection who normally I communicate with other people. I tends to mumble and speak the words too fast. So ensure I need to have eye contact and speak slowly and "open" my mouth so can I can produce clearly sound he can understand.


Use Simple Words

Select the words wisely and widely use in the daily conversation.


Express it in Fun Way

Our facial expression is important and you can add-in with action to express and explain the word itself.



We must continuously repeat and correct the words and pronunciation till they understand and able to apply as their own words.


So don't forget to apply this whenever you are face to face playing with your kids. Vocabulary can be transferred through playing.