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Flowerfairies - Hip Boy

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Cool dewy morning, Blue sky at noon, White mist at evening, And large yellow moon; Blackberries juicy for staining of lips; and scarlet, O scarlet The Wild Rose Hips!

This Hip Boy come with white skin with red costume plus the Rose Hip Flower on the hands.  It is great for small world play or decoration as the size is approx. 7-8 cm height.

This Waldorf inspired handmade Flowerfaries doll is made from sustainable wool felts and cloth. It is ethically made by stay-at-home mothers/women in Romania and Czech  Republic for supporting their families. 
Do you know that buying this handmade dolls, you are actually supporting a Waldrof school and education for disadvantaged in rural Transylvania. 

Note this doll is for decorative use only - it is not a toy, however you can play with it in moderate way. It is not suitable for children under 3.