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Why Play

Every child loves to play. By playing, it can nourish creativity since it constantly brings new ideas and combines with many frameworks. A survey from IBM institute revealed CEOs value employees with creativity which can be fostered since childhood play. By doing 10 minutes imaginative play, it can improve child performance on subsequent activities. Through playing children learn social interaction which promote better communication skills. They can pick up more words. It also a good self emotion regulation system where child who play is happier and perform better in class. 

  As adult, playing is a stress relieve since it releases endorphins or body's natural happy chemical substance and adrenaline as energy booster. It will refresh our body and mind. When engaging in playful activities it will increase our imagination which help to boost our productivity and innovation. It also can heal emotional wounds between children and parents since playing is a love expression. 


"Playing is a win-win solution between children and parents" - Toydler



Tons of toddlers toys are ablaze with buttons, lights, music, etc which energized by batteries. As stated by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) there are more than 179,000 tons of used batteries thrown on the landfills yearly!

It is very common these toys marketed as "smart" toys where come with so many features and functions claimed good for early childhood development. Apparently the smarter a toy does, the lesser your child has to do. These batteries toys are entertaining or performing to your child. Your child just need to sit and enjoy the show!

Here Toydler try to introduce and promote non-batteries toys which will stimulate your child to use more their body and mind. There is no rules, right or wrong when playing. It's an open ended concept where your child can create their own imagination.