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Regenbogenland was born of inspiration from Maria Montessori teaching by Benno Pecher. He's a Dutch architect, created and founded Regenbogenland (Rainbow Land in English) in 1980.  His passion in wood and toys has remarkably transformed colours and shapes into art and architecture that make his "masterpiece" to another level of wooden toys and unique, not a standard/basic shapes, of the blocks we normally found.  All Regenbogenland is made from high quality beech multiplex panels that make it hard to ever chip. it also comes with rounded edge that make it perfectly safe for little one. 
This open ended toys can be play along with other leading wooden blocks/construction. Due to their unique and artistic wooden toys, it foster another level of esthetic, creativity, imagination, visual, and spatial development for the little ones. 

This is a home based industry and all is handmade, therefore waiting time for the production might take longer time. If you love with this handmade product and able to wait, please join us with this year pre-order. We are targeting the completion to be before Christmas.


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