Holztiger is a part of GoKi group. Gollnest & Kiesel is Europe's innovative wooden toy manufacturer and the largest toy company in northern Germany. The company was founded in 1981 by Gerhard Gollnest and Fritz-Rüdiger Kiesel. And we are very honored to meet and learn from Mr Gerhard Gollnest during International Toys Fair, Nuremberg 2020. 

We love Holztiger since it is handmade product made from solid maple wood and made in Europe. All the figurines has been hand-painted with non-toxic water based paints with such a details. The figurines are so lively like the real ones. All figurines come with rounded edges which is very safe for the little one. 

 Age Suitability: 3yo+


our new stock will reach by September. Please stay tuned!


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Allosaurus - Toydler
Ankylosaurus - Toydler
Archangel - Toydler
Blue Whale with Water Fountain - Toydler
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Brown Bear - Toydler
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Calves Blue Whale - Toydler
Caspar - Toydler
Elephant with Trunk Raised - Toydler
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Farmdog - Toydler
Giraffe - Toydler
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Horse Standing - Toydler
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Howling Wolf - Toydler
Joseph - Toydler
Lion - Toydler
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Mary - Toydler
Orca Whale - Toydler
Pachycephalosaurus - Toydler
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Piglet - Toydler
Protoceratops - Toydler
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Ram - Toydler
Running Fox - Toydler
Seal - Toydler
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Shepherd with flute - Toydler
Small Donkey - Toydler
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29 results