Glückskäfer (lucky beetle) is a handmade wooden toys crafted in Germany.  We love their wood feeling texture toys and natural paints that save for the kids and sparks their imagination. 
We met the team back then in International Toys Fair @ Nuremberg, Germany. Nic Toys has splendid toys range but for this time we will only focus on the Glückskäfer.  
Glückskäfer is a great toys for toddler to learn of different type of shapes and it can be played mostly for stacking toys and puzzle. It promotes creativity and logic thinking. More suitable for 3yo++

Please note ETA - is the estimated time arrival where the maker is in the process of making it. If we stated Pre-Order meaning we are gathering the interest to place the order to factory. Hence grab the opportunity to secure the "ETA" stocks now. 
Suggested not to combine stock  and incoming stock items. Otherwise we will combine the shipment based on the last arrival items. 

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Pear Tree *NEW 2020* - Toydler
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Crooked Tower - Toydler
Colourful Shape Train - Toydler
Vaulted Tunnel *NEW 2020* - Toydler
Arch House - Red - Toydler
Arch House - Green - Toydler
Mushroom House - Toydler
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Sunray Arch - Toydler
Sunset Set - Purple - Toydler
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Sunrise Set - Blue - Toydler
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All-In-House : Red - Toydler
All-In-House : Natural - Toydler
Grotto (Cave) Set, Natural - Toydler
Building Slats - Toydler
Traffic Signs Set - Toydler
Sailing Boat Wooden Red - Toydler
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Sailing Boat Wooden Blue - Toydler
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