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Jennifer started the business in 2014 when she needed to make few wooden animals for her kids. From there, they have been creating various learning products from natural material.  All her products made in Missouri, USA. It is made from solid hardwood and no plywood/MDF/particle board/other materials. All their product are made to order, meaning  the product you purchase is a “fresh” product just cut down from trees, sanded, polished, buffed with natural oil, wrapped, and shipped.  So, if you found that the board you purchase is a bit oily, it is completely natural to show how “fresh” the products are. Just let it dry in the room temperature for a while and it will be alright.  They don’t use paints on the wood so you can see the natural beauty of the trees shining through. They polish each piece with Danish Oil from the brand Tried and True. You can also purchase it at our webstore for making it shiny. It is made from flax-seeds and no additional additives.

We love this, since their products are really versatile and durable. Throughout our kids learning journey, we used the hundred frame, to introduce our son about numbers when he is 3 years old. Now he is using it for counting 1 to 10. We also can use it for our younger daughter (2 years old) to do sorting wool balls for her fine motor skills exercise.  Such a beautiful and high quality product.

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Numberholic Bundle - Toydler
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Numberholic Bundle
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Chinese Sensory Bundle - Toydler
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Home Calendar - Rainbow - Toydler
Singapore Holiday Calendar Coins *Exclusive* - Toydler
Geoboard - Small - Walnut - Toydler
Chinese Strokes Tracing Board (Reversible) - Toydler
Prewriting Tracing Board (Reversible) - Toydler
English 1-10 Number Board (Reversible) - Toydler
Figure 8 Tracing Board (Reversible) - Toydler
Small Print Alphabet Tracing Cards With Box - Toydler
Clock - Hours Only [CHINESE VERSION] - Toydler
Place Value Board and Decimal - Toydler
Ten Frame - Toydler
Hundred Frame with Coin Pockets - Walnut - Toydler
Small Coins: Chinese Numbers/Montessori Alphabet - Toydler
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Small Coins: Chinese Numbers - Toydler
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Small Coins - Numbers Set - Toydler
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Small Coins - Alphabet Set - Toydler
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Small Coins - Fraction - Toydler
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Small Coins - Basic Chinese Sight Words *Exclusive* - Toydler
Small Coins - English Sight Words *Exclusive* - Toydler
Educoins - Chinese Sight Words - Toydler
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Small Coins: Blank - Toydler
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Original Wood Finish - Toydler
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