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Our first encounter Lubulona product is when we are looking additional toys great to play along with the flexible road track and more for younger kids.  We fall in love with their minimalist design of building and car. Further it is a wooden and handmade toys (no metal parts at all)!  They have great collection of season town series from winter, spring, summer, and autumn that make your playing will never get bored!

They are our early babies in our start-up journey and we tried to expose of how good is their product in South East Asia market.  Voila! We are happily satisfied how people are welcoming them!

Lubulona is a kid’s lifestyle brand,  that was launched in November 2017 in Barcelona. All products are designed in Barcelona and are manufactured entirely in Europe.  It is a creative construction or building blocks made from natural woods crafted by passionate parents (Tina & Jordi) based on their own experience. Good for learning on hands and eye coordination when stacking it.

We amazed with how organize and thoughtful their toys packaging. Never think that the ladders can be used to load the car into the house. It's a brilliant design! And our dream came true, we finally meet them personally in International Toys Fair, Nuremberg 2020!  


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