A heirloom traditional wooden toys crafted from European timber wood, alder wood, beech wood, and lime wood since 1983 in Germany.  

A fair and honest business would be the two words that describe the company,  with the credo of being good to the earth that the brand owners live on. They are a humble brand that has done significantly small marketing efforts and have let the brand seek its own organic growth. 

The man behind the scene brings decades of experience in understanding educational toys in Germany, combined with the woodworking craftsmanship the lady behind the brand, is translated into the attractive, high quality toys that Bauspiel carries. 

Product Catalog : Bauspiel Catalog 

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X Bricks - Toydler
X Bricks
$240.00 $295.00
[ETA Sept] Lucent Cubes - Toydler
[ETA SEPT] Fairytale Windows - Natural - 12pcs - Toydler
Shades of Red Dragon - Toydler
[ETA Sept] Colour Track - 45pcs - Toydler
[ETA Sept] Yoyo - Toydler
[ETA Sept] Dragon Lair - Toydler
[ETA Sept] Knight Castle - Toydler
[ETA Sept] Fairytale Windows - Natural - 36pcs - Toydler
[ETA: SEPT] Coloured Sparkling Stone Triangles (54 Pieces) - Toydler
[ETA SEPT] Transparent Cube *Price Correction* - Toydler
[ETA SEPT] Shades of Natural Dragon - Toydler
Sold Out
Bauspiel Corner Bricks - Toydler
Sold Out
Bauspiel Corner Bricks
$170.00 $199.00