A chic wooden percussion toys great for little one, started from a family in Perth, Australia in 2017 to spread the music to the world.  You can follow their IG to meet the charming family behind it. There is no need to be perfect on the tune or music; everyone can create their own “noise” or song.  A baby who can barely grasp, he/she can shake the egg shaker and make their own “noise”.  

We love this, since it is made from natural wood and hand-painted by the maker itself.  It gives personalize feeling. It also promote listening, playful interaction, sensory learning and musicality for early learning stage.

Do note that it is painted by non-toxic paint. The percussion is light and easy to carry around. Their sound is just nice for the little one ears. It can be used to teach tempo and tone. It also improves kids hand and eye coordination and increases curiosity.

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Bird Whistle - Toydler
Duo Egg Shakers - White - Toydler
Double Maraca - Toydler
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Harmonica - Toydler
Mini Cymbals - Toydler
Mini Chime Xylophone - Toydler
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Tambourine - Toydler
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Xylophone - Toydler
Hand Held Drum - Toydler
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Mini White Tambourine - Toydler
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Floor drum - Toydler
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Mini Orb Shakers - with stand - Toydler
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Ukulele - Toydler
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Silver Chime Bar - Toydler
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