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Turn Over Top - Tree Top + Toadstool *must have*


We have run out of stock for this item.

 The Mader Tree Spinning Top & Toadstool Top on Branch is a great gift for young and old. These two wooden spinning tops are coming cunningly disguised as a fir tree and mushroom on a little stand. Ideal for practicing and developing fine motor skills. 

Difficulty Level:
Mader Toadstool Spinning Turn Top: 3 of 6 (medium)
Mader Tree Spinning Top on Branch: 5 of 6 (difficult)

Mader Toadstool Spinning Turn Top: Height 4,2 cm Diameter 3,2 cm
Mader Tree Spinning Top on Branch: Height 7 cm; Diameter 3,8 cm

Materials: Maple wood - painted and varnished.