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Dadaka Tasmanian Devil


Tasmanian Devil - Tasmanian Devil Toy - Handmade Wood - Australian Animal - Eco Friendly - Wooden Animal Toys - Kids Toys - Eco Products - Wooden Figurines - Safari

Fun Facts: Tasmanian Devils store fat in their tails and their teeth never stop growing.

The figurine is cut out of maple wood and painted with natural non-toxic paints. Let this wooden Tasmanian devil figurine remind you of your Australian vacation and summer vacation. This toy is from a series of environmentally friendly products for children. Probably, as a child, you played with such toys? Now you can present them to your baby.

Care instructions: Store the product away from moisture and direct sunlight. I believe that in every wooden product there is a soul and a mystery of the forest. Let my wood figurines fill your home with the energy of nature! Come back for more crafts!

Dimension: H9 x L15.5 x W3cm