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Spinning Top Learning Set - Rainbow *good value buy*


The Mader Spinning Top Learning Set Rainbow is a set of 5 wooden spinning tops of varying difficulties which includes:

  1. 2x Rallyes
  2. 1x Miniature
  3. 1x Turn-over Top
  4. 1x Thunderbolt.

Difficulty Levels: 1 - 6 (from very easy to very difficult)

Colour: Each Mader Spinning Top from the Learning Set Rainbow comes either in Rainbow colours starting with red on the top and ending with purple on the bottom or the other way around.

- Rallye: Height 4,3 cm Diameter 3,6 cm
- Miniature: Height 2,5 cm Diameter 1 cm
- Turn-over: Height 4,2 cm Diameter 3,2 cm
- Thunderbolt: Height 9 cm Diameter 2,8 cm

Materials: W
ood and natural colour stain