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Grimm's Small convertible green

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Grimm's convertible and its rainbow friend accompany your child through a childhood that goes far beyond the boundaries of the nursery. Because our wooden toys on wheels are not only impressively simple in design, they are also suitable for all terrain and for jaunts in the countryside. There is a lot to discover on the way through a playful childhood, during which our convertible can also be used as an amphibious vehicle on waterways. Little world builders will learn to understand that wood is a great material that not only floats, but can also be repaired if something breaks. With all our thirst for adventure, our wooden toys also deserve careful handling, because there is a lot of manual work in each and every one of them bears unique traces of nature.

Our rainbow man is hand-painted and is gender neutral, can be just as sad as it is happy because he does not have a fixed facial expression.

Tip: When drying, do not place it on the heater or in the sun, as this could cause cracks in the wood, but leave it to dry at room temperature.

1 wooden man in a convertible, 2 parts, L 10.5 cm,
wood: rainbow friend made of maple, convertible made of linden, varnished in color

Add Gift Wrap - SGD$1.5