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Prewriting Tracing Board (Reversible)

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It is the very basic pre-writing skills that every child need to come across.  So let make it more fun for them. We know how much effort our little one to grasp the stick and start to scribble. 

This board is designed to help your child practice curves, straight lines, angles, and patterns. These pre-writing lines are a great way to build consistency in penmanship and muscle control of small movements. This lovely maple wooden board has deep, smooth, rounded grooves. You can follow the paths with your finger, tracing stick, ball, or push the ball with the tracing stick. You can fill the grooves with play dough, dry beans and rice, small stones, and more.

This is a Reversible Board--meaning you receive one board but with both sides engraved. One side will have pre-writing lines on it. The other side will have shapes.

Includes a tracing stick and wood balls.
Dimenssion: approx. 18cm x 33cm x 1.3cm

Add Gift Wrap - SGD$1.5