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[Pre-Order End June 2022] Original RAINBOW with FELT *NEW 2022*


[Pre-Order End June 2022] Original RAINBOW with FELT *NEW 2022* - Baby Mouse is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

This collection is for pre-order. You can choose the preferred felt. 
Currently factory is running at full capacity hence the it will take longer time to complete the order. Thanks 


Can a Wobbel become even more beautiful?

We think so...

We proudly present our new Wobbel Rainbow. A special edition with colored layers. A blessing for the eye, a wink to the colors of nature and of course very easy to match your favorite felt color. Our epic Wobbel Original with a new & unique signature!


Wobbel Original Rainbow
Unique colored layers of sustainable European wood*
Child friendly translucent durable lacquer.
Choose the underside protection (felt, cork or none) from the drop down menu.