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Large Wooden Bow with 3 pcs Arrows

S$53.00 S$58.90

It is a patent design of From Jennifer . It is designed to be easy to use and work extremely well featuring a hole through the shaft to guide the arrow, arrows with felt ball tips to soften impact, and a bungee cord to send the arrows soaring through the air. This is a toy your children will come back to day after day. From Jennifer has been making these bows for years maintaining the quality and beauty that our customers have come to expect.

Imaginative fun for archers of all ages, this bow and arrow is easy to use, safe to shoot, and exciting to play with! Arrows are tipped with soft wool balls and have painted stripes on the ends. Each has a notch to fit onto the bow string and a hole in the bow itself helps guide the arrow for even the youngest shooter to be successful. 

Consist of:

  • 1 pcs of bow 
  • 3 pcs assorted arrows - approx. 46cm