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Just Blocks Medium Pack


One box, many possibilities!

PLAYING is the best way of learning. Building various structures using 'Just Blocks' is just the beginning. Any newly built structure becomes a new play zone, which can house the child’s favourite characters/toy figures or toy vehicles. The bringing-to-life of new architectural images is tantamount to the child discovering new forms of amusement and gaining experience. Undertaking new projects means that playing with 'Just Block's will never turn into a boring pastime.

At 3 years old, children learns about the required hand-grip strength and becomes aware of spatial relationships (ie up, down, left, right). At this stage, towers are built. At 4-5 years old, children gets more precise in planning and are able to solve problem. They build gates, bridges and even farms! At 6 years onwards, children can grasp rules of physics and can balance their building construction to a well-developed spatial imagination - first pyramids are created, then castles, houses, parking lots!

One of the of main draw of 'Just Blocks' is the fascinating challenge it poses for parents too. Besides keeping little ones very busy, Just Blocks is a great family bonding activity which will keep everyone engaged through play!

Contains 166 pieces:
 74 Basic bold blocks
 28 Flat large blocks
 14 Flat medium blocks
 50 Stick blocks