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Home Calendar - Rainbow [Sun/Sat]


We have run out of stock for this item.

This perpetual calendar is artisan crafted from solid hardwood maple to last year after year. It is not only beautiful but a very useful tool in both teaching and organizing your days. Use your calendar to bring attention to the purpose of the day and upcoming events and teach children about weather conditions and cycles of the moon. This calendar brings so much learning and fun while adding beauty and joy to your home. 

 Every calendar comes with:

  • A 12x13-inch Wall Base
  • 6 Reversible Month Cards
  • 4 Season Coins
  • 8 Weather Coins
  • 31 Number Coins

Take note that  WEEKDAYS finishing colour will be rainbow as photo shown.
It will start from Sunday to Saturday  

Purchase separately the Table Top and Storage Coins.

Personally we love this Home Calendar and the most well investment. 
Beside as calendar, we use it for sequencing activities in numbers such as introducing the number concept, count by, skip counting for younger toddler who just introduce about numbers. The coins size is almost 4cm diameter and it is perfect size for little hands. We also love to add-in the Singapore Holiday coins and Activity Coins so we can plan more. It is part of enhancing our kids motor planning.

Add Gift Wrap - SGD$1.5