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Gluckskafer Grotto (Cave) Set, Natural

S$30.00 S$61.90

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This 5-piece natural wooden cave set is a gorgeous wooden toy that can be played with in so many different ways. It has been left unpainted, showing off the beauty of real wood. Stack the pieces one on top of the other, make houses for elves and little dolls, use as pens and coops on a toy farm, or as tunnels for a wooden train set. Ethically made, simple and hand-crafted, this Waldorf toy is stunning and can be used for unlimited, open-ended play possibilities and is ideal for playing with at home, nursery, school and in Montessori settings.

Size: 22 x 17 x 6 cm


Please note: This item is made from real wood and contains barks. Rest assure the wood used has been selected by expert in wood toys for decades. All wood made for wooden toys is dry wood and it is living materials that keeps changing and expanding depending on the ambient temperature and humidity levels. You may find the barks are cracking and it is completely normal. You may find irregularities and variation as this is handmade items. Please purchase this item if you can appreciate the beauty of living thing as we do. Thanks!