Giant Log Buttons set

$18.00 $25.90

Threading Log Buttons are a beautiful and tactile product to engage good child’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. This set of 3 buttons matches perfectly with our natural or rainbow ‘Tree Beads’.

The Set contains 3 buttons measuring approx 7- 10cm in diameter plus a handmade wooden needle and thread. Each one has been gently sanded and left nature am so your child can enjoy the woods' natural smells and texture. 

Log Buttons can also add a wonderful element to your small world play... why not poke some leaves or branches into their holes! 

Each piece is individually handcrafted from a variety of collected branches therefore the unique wood grains and size may vary slightly between items. We believe that this adds to the character and shows that each piece is made, by hand, just for you!
Please note that each set is unique, and may vary from those pictured.