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From Jennifer Dry Erase Calendar


The same size as original From Jennifer Home Calendar, this dry erase version is yours to draw on, decorate, and plan with!

Measures 30.5cm wide by 33cm tall. Made from solid maple hardwood and finished with a protective lacquer sealant.

The keyhole in the upper back allows you to hang it on the wall.

Each base has holes in the back for magnets. Order with magnets now if desired or if you decide later on you’d like them, you can order the Magnet Add-On Kit and put them in with a simple tap of a hammer. Rubber grips are included as well to create a non-slip surface while the calendar is hanging on your refrigerator or other magnetic surface. 

Personally we love this Home Calendar and the most well investment. 
Beside using it as calendar, we can use it for writing down weekly plan.