[ETA JUNE] GRAPAT Little Things - All Colours (6)

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This is a complete treasure set of the little things. It comes in all colours: blue, green, orange, purple, red, and yellow. 

What treasures fit in such a small place? Well the ones that make you smile and feel the warmth inside. Those you want to separate from the air, contain forever. Those who understand the language of what cannot be explained, because it is only yours. A stone so white and round that it looks like the moon in summer. The shell that shines inside, because it knows it contains the whole sea. A tooth that is its own, unicorn and shark at the same time. An airless balloon. A clothespin. The lowest pencil in the world.

All of this fits into such a small place, which is like saying you almost fit in there.

Recommended age: +18 months