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[Pre-Order Dec] Magic Wood Marble Sounding Tree Small 48 cm


[Pre-Order Dec] Magic Wood Marble Sounding Tree Small 48 cm is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The pioneer design of Marble Sounding Small size is a fantastic addition to your child play and playroom. This beautiful toy is an absolute treat for the senses with stained leaves which expose the wonderful tactile wood surface, and the wonderful auditory experience as the marble plays a different tone as it hits each leaf. It is made up of 30 different coloured leaves going from the smaller lighter coloured leaves at the top to the darker, larger leaves at the bottom. Children will love watch the marble gently down the tree, bringing each leaf to life with music.

It is made from sustainable white maple wood and birch wood, paint in natural dyes and finished with a flax seed oil. Comes together with 6 different coloured marbles. 
Height: 48cm 
Base: 15x 15 cm


What's the difference between the Magic Wood and Gruenspecht Marble Tree?
Magic wood is a pioneer on the marble tree in the toys industry. For a good sound the Magic Wood Marble Sounding Tree Large is made out of precious eco-friendly white maple wood and hard birch, natural plant dyes and finished with a flax seed oil. It comes with a set of 6 different coloured marbles. Times never lies and the product is proven by multiple generation.  

Find out more information on the history of Marble tree here.