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It is a flexible  and durable rubber road which great for outdoor and indoor playing. You can create your own road maps and combine with your favourite vehicles toys.


Ringroad consist of 12 pieces that can built up the road up to 170 cm length.

Consist of:

  • 8 curves
  • 2 straights
  • 1 intersection
  • 1 roundabout

Ring Road (12 Pieces)

  • Brand


  • Product Info

    Age Suitability: 3 Years+

    Brand: waytoplay

    Made in: Netherland, Europe

    Material: durable PVC (100% safe for children)

    Circuit Length: 170 cm

    Track Width: 11 cm

    Weight: 800 gram

  • We Like it Because

    It is very flexible and printed on both sides. Your kids can build many patterns of the road maps. Even adult will like it as well. It is easy to clean, you just need to wipe with wet  tissue. It is not a toys for boys to play with their cars but it can be used for anybody for letter tracing. Another fun way to learn alphabets and numeracy. Hoping Waytoplay to find the bio-based material soon.

  • It's Good For

    • Fine Motor
    • Language
    • Creativity