Pretend play become a chef or character they want is much fun to play together with the toys. Pretend play toys can provide endless opportunities for open-ended play, social interaction, and role-playing as well as expanding upon your child's language skills. They learn by observing, imagining, and doing. This toys collection are encouraging language development, imagination, and creativity. Dedicated this collection specially for our daughter.
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Baguette - Toydler
Ice Lolly Colours - Toydler
Erzi Crate Small - Toydler
Erzi Crate Large - Toydler
Banana Large - Toydler
Eggplant - Toydler
Salami to Cut - Toydler
Spaghetti in a Tin - Toydler
Frozen Vegetables in a Tin - Toydler
Eggs Brown Sixpack - Toydler
Eggs Coloured Sixpack - Toydler
Bunch of Green Grapes - Toydler
Bunch of Blue Grapes - Toydler
Sushi - Toydler
Assortment American Breakfast *NEW 2020* - Toydler
Wok Assortment - Toydler
Swiss Cheese - Toydler
Onions in a Net - Toydler
Radish Bunch - Toydler
Assorted Pastry - Toydler
Cupcakes - Toydler
Kitchen Scale - Toydler
Pair of Cherries - Toydler
71 results