It is a premium handmade wooden peg dolls which is made in Slovenia, Europe by Silva & Sasa.  It consists of three elements (head, body, and leg) which are held together with tiny magnets. It comes with unique house-shaped carton boxes as the packaging. It's an eco-friendly certified toys and an unique design where you can configure at least 4 combinations which stimulate the imagination. We are also in love with the packaging concept where it can be used as the houses (part of the play) and also as background. Your kids can just start to play and create their story!  Good for learning genders and colours!  Suitable for indoor and outdoor playing.

Product Specification

  • 7 cm for Girl Dolls and 7.5 cm for Boy Dolls
  • House (Packaging) size:  9 x 6.5 x 13.5 cm
  • Helios water based paints (EN71-3 compliance)
  • Recommendation Age: 3yo+

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Flowerfaries - Apple Boy - Toydler
Flowerfaries - Pumpkin Boy - Toydler
Flowerfaries - Pumpkin Girl - Toydler
Flowerfaries - Michaelmas Daisy Boy - Toydler
Flowerfaries - Michaelmas Daisy Girl - Toydler
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Flowerfaries - Aster Girl - Toydler
Flowerfaries - Autumn Leaf *NEW* - Toydler
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Flowerfaries - Beech Nut Girl *NEW* - Toydler
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Flowerfaries - Dwarf with Crystal *SPECIAL* - Toydler
Flowerfaries - Forest Dwarf *SPECIAL* - Toydler
37 results