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The MINI Tree People - Rainbow


The Tree People are very proud to introduce you to their newest family members... The Mini's!  

Designed to represent the younger folk, you can now create your own special families with the Mini's. 

Unique and quirky little ‘Tree People’... each have their own style and character. Just like nature intended.  Our diverse Tree People family represents the beautiful variety of skin tones in our community. The Tree People are designed to reflect how beautifully different we all are and now our new friends represent the many beautiful and diverse skin tones in our world. ⁠

As a toy designer, I am in a unique but powerful position where I can create more inclusive toys that celebrate multiculturalism and the uniqueness of individual families.
We know that children learn through play, and by representing children of colour in toys they can learn more about their culture and lives. This hopefully will lead to acceptance and tolerance. It’s the first step towards a different future. ⁣ ⁠ 

Created from hardwood branches, each one is hand carved, dyed with non toxic eco dyes then two little eyes are lovingly burned into place. 

Approx 4cm tall.

The Rainbow MINI Tree People come as a set of 12 - Red, Dark Orange, Orange, Yellow, Light Green, Dark Green, Teal, Aqua, Dark Blue, Indigo, Violet, Magenta

Add Gift Wrap - SGD$1.5