Animal Collection

Most of the time we couldn't decide which figurines we need to bring to Toydler. We really in love with the wooden animal figurines and they are all hand painted! Each makers have their own strength and unique characteristic. Hence we gather all of them here. Definitely you will love the details! 
We felt, the most precious and strenuous work to be done is making figurines. Experienced once during the International Toys Exhibition at Nuremberg,  Germany 2020 where one of the respectful wooden figurines invited us to try painting a simple wooden animals. Gosh, i can say it is challenging how to draw an expressive eyes and those features constantly. 
Appreciate for your patience if we took longer time to restock it, especially during this pandemic. Grab it while it last! 
This collection is specially dedicated to our little daughter who fans of animals ♥♥♥

Do note that some items contain small parts that requires adult supervision. 

70 results
Piglet Dappled - Toydler
Sheep Standing - Toydler
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Stag - Toydler
Standing Tiger - Toydler
Pig - Toydler
Foal Standing - Toydler
Mouse - Toydler
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Small Hare - Toydler
Ram - Toydler
Grazing Cow - Toydler
Shark - Toydler
Eating Baby Giraffe - Toydler
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Jumping Dholpin - Toydler
Polar Bear, Head Raised - Toydler
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Feeding Hippopotamus - Toydler
Boar - Toydler
Panther - Toydler
Standing Dappled Horse - Toydler
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Standing Lion Cub - Toydler
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Raising Head Giraffe - Toydler
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Racoon - Toydler
Baby Jesus - Toydler
70 results